|| Date
|| Project Undertaken

1998 May

Successfully opposed Government's proposal to reclaim 32 hectares (3.5 million square feet) of the Central Waterfront at Tamar

1999 October

Successfully persuaded the Chief Executive to promise in his 1999 Policy Address to scale back the reclamation plan for the harbour and to commit to the Principle of Sustainable Development

1999 October

Successfully secured a promise by the Chief Executive in a public radio conversation with our Chairman “that his Government will try to reduce reclamation to an absolute minimum”

1999 December

Successfully opposed the application of a large Hong Kong developer to reclaim a part of North Point waterfront for a cruise centre

2000 March

Successfully persuaded the Town Planning Board to include in its Vision Statement for Victoria Harbour:- “The Harbour is to be protected and preserved as a special public asset and a natural heritage of the people of Hong Kong. Reclamation in the Harbour should only be carried out to meet essential community needs and public aspirations”

2001 June

Successfully persuaded the Government not to proceed with an amended scheme to reclaim 79 hectares (i.e. 8.5 million square feet) of Western District waterfront

2002 December

Successfully opposed Government's proposal to reclaim 26 hectares (2.9 million square feet) of the Wanchai waterfront by succeeding in an Application for Judicial Review against the Town Planning Board

2004 January

The Court of Final Appeal (CFA) upheld the High Court Judgment of Madam Justice Chu on the correct interpretation of the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance.
Society calls upon the HKSAR Government to stop all reclamation works in Central Reclamation Phase III (CR3) immediately and ask the Town Planning Board (TPB) to conduct a proper review of the plans in light of the Judgment handed down.